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Legendairy Milk

Legendairy Milk

Breastmilk is one of the greatest gifts a mom can give her baby but breastfeeding isn't always the easiest job in the world. For Legendairy Milk founder, Luna Feehan, those first few weeks after her son was born were primarily spent obsessing about her breast milk production. Not surprising when the majority of her days involved nursing, pumping, hand expressing, washing bottles and then starting the cycle all over again! And the worry about whether she was producing enough milk constantly niggled in the back of her mind.

Concern about an inadequate milk supply is the #1 reason why women stop breastfeeding. That's why Legendairy Milk®️ was created. For centuries, certain herbs and foods have been used in different cultures to help promote breast milk production. Legendairy Milk®️'s herbal lactation supplements were formulated with these carefully chosen ingredients to target the primary issues that affect milk production. Their products are free of any additives or preservatives so that every capsule is brimming with pure and potent milk-enhancing ingredients. They've gone to great lengths to ensure their formulations are organic and healthy for both mom and baby because they know a legendairy mom deserves a legendairy product.

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