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Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor with Wall Mount Kit


Gain greater awareness of how baby is breathing and sleeping. Real-time alerts let you hear, see and know of any changes. All with no wearables, washing, or charging.

Real-time peace of mind: From the monitoring dashboard, view baby's live video feed, breathing waveform, RPM (respirations per minute), and movement status (moving, sleep, away, no movement) in real time.

SensorFusion: With five different sensors tracking everything from motion to temperature and sound, you get extremely accurate sleeping and breathing pattern data, even when baby is swaddled, in total darkness, or under a blanket.

Contact-Free: It's what makes our monitoring so easy. Contact-free means no wearables, charging, or washing. And your baby can wear any clothing and sleep in any position with nothing to disturb their sleep.

Sleep Analytics: Miku’s analytics will track and graph your baby's sleeping habits allowing you to view your child's statistics with pinpoint accuracy and help you create an ideal sleep environment.

Grows with Your Child: Want to track your baby's sleep progression even after 18 months? With no wearables, Miku grows with your child. All that precious data and information keeps going and growing.

Customizable Alerts: With customizable alerts, choose what notifications are sent straight to your device. Know in real-time of any events for movement, sound, awake/asleep, and more.

Room Environment: Temperature, humidity, sound, and light sensors help you set ideal conditions for baby’s sleep. With temperature and humidity sensors in the base, the monitor will not interfere with the data.

Lullabies/Sounds: Custom dual Ole Wolff speakers and two-way microphone mean Miku not only plays original sleep sounds and lullabies, but allows you to talk to and comfort your baby on the walk to the nursery.

Night Vision: Never be in the dark about what your baby is up to at night. With crystal clear night vision capabilities, you get a full picture of all the sighs, cries and coos your little one does after bedtime.

1080p HD Video: Get a livestream of your baby’s nursery in high definition 1080p video sent straight to any device. Want the moment captured forever? Save unlimited video to your device to later share with friends and family.

Crypto Chip Security: With 256 bit encryption and a Crypto Chip that’s part of the actual hardware, your feed remains safe. Tamper-proof means all data is erased if anyone tries to mess with the device.

**The Miku smart baby monitors are not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent, or treat any illness or condition.**


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